At Saunders Wool our staff all come from rural backgrounds and have the training and knowledge to help our clients obtain the best price for their wool and offer a variety of simple options in order to achieve this.

DOOR SALES: On the spot payment at our store in Invermay.

ON FARM PRICE: An obligation free quote based on current prices and available orders.

FORWARD CONTRACT: Enabling you to lock in an agreed price for a future shearing.

PRICE ON RESULT: Tested at our store by the A.W.T.A. and a price offered. 

PRIVATE TENDER: Tested and offered by private tender

ON SCREEN: Tested and offered on Auctions Plus at an agreed reserve price.

PUBLIC OPEN CRY AUCTION: Tested and offered at 'sale by sample'  public auction wool sales in Melbourne on a weekly basis.

CHARGES: All tested lots are subject to A.W.T.A. testing costs and our flat rate commission. All lots including private purchases are subject to compulsory wool tax of 1.5%. All lots are covered for insurance and warehousing in our store at no extra cost to the wool grower.

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